Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick Ian

Ian has been sick - sore throat, coughing, headaches, that sort of stuff. He is a great sick kid because he doesn't do a lot of complaining. But he is very clingy. I went to drink coffee at the church with my mom one morning while he and daddy were still asleep. I was only gone for 30-45 minutes. When I got back home he had moved a chair in front of the door, brought his pillow and blanket, and was watching and waiting for me to get home. When I walked in the door he told me that he missed me. It made my heart melt. I love being a mom.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st Tooth

Kodah's first tooth broke through yesterday - 1/13/10 (6 months old)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silly Boys

Not a whole lot to say about these pictures - just boys being silly. I will say this though, Ian is a hoot, he wanted me to take lots of pictures of his different poses. I am reminded of the previous post where I said that Ian was ALL boy!! .........

Spiderman - Climbing the Walls
Not Sure....
ShuWeeKodah's pose

Sweet Nia

Nia & Romeo had a father/daughter day in Lubbock a few weeks ago. They went to a eye appointment for Nia, went to a movie, went to the mall, went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then came home. I was a little worried about the eye appointment because Nia was picking out a new pair of frames. She did a great job. A little goofy in the picture but these are her new glasses.

Nia is a wonderful helper to me and an excellent big sister. She does kind things all the time without being asked. Over the Christmas break she would get up in the mornings, come get Kodah and entertain him/read him a book/play with him while I slept a little longer. For my birthday, she brought me breakfast in bed. She and Ian fit so well together because she is always willing to play a "boy" game such as wrestling, cops, building blocks, you know - boy stuff. Ian is ALL boy and doesn't enjoy playing house or babies so Nia just plays what he wants to play. She is a sweetheart.