Friday, October 31, 2008


Nia got to dress-up for school and they went to some places to trick-or-treat. She came home with a Walmart sack busting at the seams full of candy. Last weekend our church had our fall fest and we got candy there and besides that we already had a bucket full at home, needless to say, we had candy running out our ears. Ian & I went to Nia's Halloween party at school. The teachers were exhausted due to the getting in and out of the bus 20 times that morning so they appreciated the extra help with the pizza party.

Batman picking his nose & sucking his thumb - makes a mom proud!Christiana & Nia (The pooh suit was just to hot to keep on ALL day)Mrs. Crews & Mrs. Nusz

Later on that night we went to a fall fest at a local church and the kids got to play some games.

We came home and I cooked supper while dad & kids handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We gathered all the candy we had and what had just been given to the kids and I told them to get rid of it. I don't let them have candy but on special occasions so there is no need for it here. Nia was being VERY generous and by the time supper was done (about 20 minutes - it was hot dogs) almost all of it was gone. That's what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hard to Believe

Romeo is 30!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday We love you!
Happy Birthday to You!!!

We celebrated his birthday today by singing to him this morning while he was still in bed. He wanted Chicken Scaloppini for supper & a Pina Colada cake for dessert. Nia made him a book with pictures of him & her, Ian drew a picture of a birthday cake, & we all committed to serving him in specific ways this next week.

To see more photos of the "party" go to Romeo's website!

Red Ribbon Week

Remember Red Ribbon Week? Don't Do Drugs!

They were challenged at Nia's school as to who could wear the most red. Prizes were at stack here so we found everything that we could in her drawers that was red. Red leggings with a red skorts over them, red shirt with red sweater/jacket, & red hair bows. She and another girl from her class won. They have not received their prizes yet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Change Is Coming!

For those of you who don't know yet, We Are Moving! Lots to do before we can actually get to our destination -- Spur, Texas. Before we can put our house on the market there is some much needed painting to do. We added a wall in between the kids room and now it is finally painted. Hopefully we will put it on the market this week. When we bought this house it had been on the market for around 8 months, so we could be waiting a while.

As for the reasons we are moving, I'll just say that God answers prayers. From the time we moved to Oklahoma I always knew that I wanted to go back home but we also knew that God had a plan for us in Oklahoma so we embraced it. It was always me who wanted to eventually return to Spur but it was Romeo that God spoke to in regard to this move.

We could certainly use your prayers in regard to the sell of our house and Romeo's job.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

10 Year Reunion

The BIG Spur Homecoming was last weekend and it was my 10 year reunion. I graduated with 17 and about 8 came back for the reunion. We certainly missed those who didn't show. April is expecting her first baby soon and Ruthie had just had her baby. We had dinner, went to the football game, & enjoyed the parade. We had a great time. I can't believe it has been 10 years.

Minnie, Cassie, Esmeralda, Amy, Teresa, Carl, & Carrie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch & Carving

We really like craving pumpkins. Nia's school usually takes them (along with me & Ian) to a pumpkin patch and we each get to pick a pumpkin. We always have a great time.

Macye, Masiya, Isabelle, Nia, Richie, KaylaMacye, Masiya, Nia, Ian, & Jean

Ian got a small one and every day he reminded us that we needed to crave it. He couldn't really do anything but remove the insides and he didn't want to do that because it was yucky. Nia liked removing the insides and she drew her own face.


New Additions: Joey & Chloe

We picked them up in a WalMart parking lot from a man giving them away. There was only 2 left so we took both. On the way home, I was holding one of them and let it down in the floorboard of the front seat. It crawled so far up that we thought it was going to get hurt so we stopped and tried to reach him. I heard meowing from the grove compartment. I opened it and there it was. How did it do that? We have had many laughs the past couple days.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

UPDATES! Glasses/Spider Bite/Birthday

Nia got her glasses yesterday. What a cutie!

Yesterday Ian got a package in the mail from Mema for his birthday. She called wanting a zip code a few days ago and I asked what she was sending. All she told me was that it might involve cleanup. Thanks Mom. (At least it was a small bottle)

After posting the Spider Bite, I got some suggestions. My Papa said to slice an onion and leave it on the bite for a while. Although an odd suggestion, I sliced an onion, put it on the bite and bandaged it. She wore it to school. A few people told her she was weird. That same day I took her to the doctor. They were fairly certain it was just a spider bite and there was nothing to be done. I asked if it might be infected but they assured me it wasn't. I told them about the onion and they said they had heard that might work. I didn't see any noticeable difference but who knows. Today the ring is pink not red. I am hoping that means it is healing.

I STILL haven't found my medicine.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Glasses For Nia

Looks like Nia is following in my footsteps. I have awful vision.

Here is Nia in her new glasses.
No, I'm kidding, these are mine. She will get hers in in a few days. I will certainly post pictures when they come in.

What Is This?

Nia seems to get all kinds of rashes & bites. She has a new spot. It came up last week (Mon or Tues). It has gotten worse since then. We think it is a spider bite. Any ideas?????

It's way too soon for this to start

I am the worst pill taker. At the first hint of symptoms getting better, the importance of the medicine escapes me and I forget to take the rest. I do this with my kids as well. The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone and I remember seeing my pills and thinking to myself that I needed to put them in my purse. I picked them up (while I was on the phone) and that was all I remembered. Romeo & I looked all over the house. In the freezer, refrigerator, trash, everywhere (we thought). Sunday morning I am trying to get the kids something for breakfast and found them. Anybody else out there like me???? The worst of it all is: I have lost them again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian!

Ian Matthew Tagle born 10/5/04 in Lubbock, TX turned 4 today!

Tuesday we went to the doctor because Strep has been going around and we thought Ian was getting it. He had fever and sore throat. The test said no but later in the week, the symptoms got worse (even with ammox) so they put him on a stronger med. He is the best sick kid in the world. He sounds awful with his wheezing and gagging couch but no sad face, no complaining, no "mama, me sick", nothing. We had planned to go to the zoo with some friends and celebrate but he was sick so we then planned to take the cupcakes to church and share with his Sunday school class but that didn't happen either.

This morning Nia & I were getting ready for church knowing that Daddy(he is sick too) & Ian were staying home and we hear Ian, still in bed, say, "What about me? get me up too!" Every morning for the past couple months I have been waking them up by singing
This is the day or Rise & Shine, so this morning he wondered why I hadn't done that and let me know that he wanted me too. So Nia & I went into his room and sang Happy Birthday to him. He ran right into the dining room where his cupcakes were and expected his party to start right then. Well, off to church Nia & I went and left Ian waiting until we returned to have his party.

We returned and saw that the couch arm was covered in fingerprinted icing and that the cupcake box had a hole in it. What happened? We asked Ian if he got into the cake and although the evidence was there, he still denied it. You can see the scoop he took out of the icing.

Instead of the usual opening of the wrapped presents, Nia & I decided to hide the unwrapped gifts and make clues to help him find the gifts. He loved that! Here they are running outside to get one out of the bed of the truck.

Then to the cupcakes! We like making this part really fun.

Later on in the day we busted a pinata. He named the pinata guy "Buddy". He picked him out and held his hand on the way home from Walmart. It was a referee, probably not intended for a kids party but it was the cheapest one there and he didn't know the difference.

This is Ian saying your welcome. Super-Cute!