Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Vacation

We have been in OK for just over 3 years now and still haven't been able to see all there is to see here, so..... we decided to vacation in good old Oklahoma City.

Day 1 - Thursday - White Water Bay (water park)
We stayed here 6 hours and were able to ride all the rides at least once (at least the ones
all of us could ride). The first time we went, Ian was a baby and Nia was still scared of the rides so we just stayed in the kids area. This time we rode just about everything. Nia and I wanted to go down the "Mega Wedgie" ride (this is the one you can see from I-40 that is really tall and has 5 different slides on it). It was really fun and not really scary so we got the boys to come with us for another go. Ian was super excited. Nia went first then me, Ian, & Romeo. When I came down I fell out of my tube about halfway down and slid on my tummy for a good ways and realized I needed to turn over so I wouldn't be showing the world my back side - the name of the slide is there for a reason. I was successful in turning over and came out of the tube just fine. Ian came down next, still in his tube, but carrying mine on top of him. He said it was "a wittle carry" so from this point forward, Ian wanted to ride every ride with me. We had a great time here. Overall this was Nia's favorite place. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures here for obvious reasons.

Day 2 - Friday - Science Museum & Celebration Station
The first part of the day we went to the Science Museum. We had never visited here before but after going, we are getting season passes next year. It was awesome. So many hands-on learning activities for the kids (and us). We saw a show on the Grand Canyon in the Omni-Dome. I got motion sickness from this, Ian fell asleep and Nia wondered (half-way through) when the movie was supposed to start. Then onto the Planetarium and then to a show called "Science Live" where they make things explode. This was very entertaining, funny, and informative. Hopefully my kids will come out of the science museum experience and have learned more than just how the blow up things. SOOO many things to do -- sooooo little time!!! Overall this was Romeo's favorite place. Then onto Celebration Station - a go kart, arcade, bumper boat, putt-putt, batting cage, pizza place. We did just a few of those things. Nia and Ian did the bumper boats with Nia as the driver (she couldn't figure out how to make it do anything but go in circles).
Then they did the go karts. First up - Romeo and Ian in a very fast car and me and Nia on the side lines cheering them on and taking pictures. Ian's comments were "it hurt my shoder" (shoulder).
Then Nia is up next with daddy. They had a much slower car. Daddy had just as much fun, if not more fun, than the kids did.
As I was taking pictures on the sideline with Ian - or so I thought - this is what he was doing.......Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. We love this place because we have figured out how to get great food for little money. So.. you always get yummy bread and butter and we order a half rack of ribs that comes with 2 sides and then we order a kids mac-n-cheese that comes with a side. We split up everything and we always have plenty. Altogether the bill was $16 and some cents. Hard to believe at a steak house, right. We love it there. We took these pictures while waiting for a seat.
Above Photo taken by Nia

Day 3 - Saturday - Jasmine Moran Children's Museum -
This is what their website has to say. You'll discover our hands-on, award-winning museum is uniquely created as an imaginary town where children can actually BE the doctor, the judge, the firefighter, the waterworks engineer and so much more! This was SOOOOO cool.

This was a sand box that had dinosaur bones that you could dig up.
Ford Model T car

Cock-pit of a real airplane
16-foot Climbing Maze that has 5 miles of cable and 16,000 connecting hooks!
Kid class room where you get to be the teacher/student - Teacher Ian
Teacher - Nia
Construction Room

Kidtown Courtroom - Ian on Trial with Nia as Judge
Train Ride
Miniature Town
Castle with slide & maze
Room full of funny mirrors

Handi-capable room with braille machine and books, deaf alphabet, crutches, canes, wheel chairs and much more.
Kid's Hospital - Be a physician, nurse or patient. Study an x-ray and ride in a real ambulance!

Nia reviving Daddy on the ambulance
Nia driving the ambulance
Homeland Kid Grocery Store -
Go shopping in our child-sized grocery! Learn about good nutrition while having fun! You can shop, bag groceries and even operate the cash register!
Fire Station with pole & truck
Bubble Factory
Gentle Dental
News Room
Green Room
Water Works Area

We had a really great time. It was in Seminole which was about a hour and a half away but well worth it. Overall this was my favorite place and the train ride was Ian's. If you are ever in the area - you need to check this place out. Romeo worked really hard for us to be able to do this! Time to start saving for next year!
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