Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aunt Vickie

My Aunt Vickie, my father's sister, passed away today. She battled breast cancer 2 years ago and survived. They recently had found cancer in her liver and started chemo this past Monday. She was weak because the chemo had made sores in her mouth and she wasn't able to eat or drink anything so they put her in the hospital. From there on she began to get worse and worse.

She was a faithful blogger and the details of the cancer and such are on her blog.

She was a wonderful Aunt & Granny. She was always so involved with the kiddos. If the kids wanted to go play outside, she went with them. If they wanted to go for a walk or ride, she went with them. Always bringing along the camera!!!!!!

She was dearly loved and will be dearly missed.

Home Improvement: Electrical

Okay, so our electrical bill for 7 days was over $250 so we are putting all other home improvement projects aside to focus on insulation. But before insulation can be sprayed in the attic, all the electrical wiring has to be replaced. Romeo and dad worked on it Saturday and got 2 1/2 rooms done. Dad was in the attic in the morning and Romeo was in the attic in the afternoon. I climbed the stairs to the attic and poked my head in to see how hot is was and I found it hard to breath all that hot air. They were up there for hours at a time. It's so good to be a women!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few Cute Pictures

Maci (neice) licking the air
Kodah smiling : )
Madisyn (neice) with Kodah - aaawwww
Nate (nephew) giving me a funny face

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am not a big movie person. However, I love the movie Fireproof! Something said in that movie is this, "But I'm a good person" the son said. His dad said, "according to your standards. But God doesn't use your standards, He uses His. Which is Jesus Christ" or something like that anyway. Which means we all need a Savior!! No one is GOOD ENOUGH to save themselves! Thank you God for sending Jesus to save such a wretch as me. Praise you Lord!


By the title you might think this post is about baby Kodah. Nope.
Although......that could be argued!

Really, I'm not complaining, really, just noticing some differences being in a small town. Like the internet speed. It was about 20 times faster in El Reno, Oklahoma. Many days I don't even want to post pictures because it takes SOOOO long for them to upload. I try to fight the '' culture we live in but I have caught myself being so impatient over this!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ian Rides A Bike

My dad likes to take the kids on bike rides. They have plenty bikes for all the kids and they rode 4 miles the other day. Ian however didn't know how to ride a bike and was very upset because he couldn't go with papa to ride. So, I told him that he had to learn how to ride a big boy bike! And that was all it took. Madisyn got him on a big boy bike and he took off. The last time we practiced with him was a year ago at age 3 and decided he wasn't ready. Yes, he had lots of wreck but jumped right back up ready to try again. He loved it! Now, maybe in a few weeks, he can go with papa on a bike ride!!! Good Job Ian!

thanks for the help Madisyn

It's just part of it.
Dad was so proud of him
look at the facial expression!
this is how he felt about being able to ride a big boy bike!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Visiting Oklahoma

We had a great time in Oklahoma this past weekend. We got to Judy & David's house about 8:00p.m. I felt right at home! We ate supper, visited and then went to bed.

This was right when we got there and Kodah was REALLY fussy. I think the LONG ride must have been hard on him - it was on me. This is Sabrina Austin.

Sunday we went to church and had a few tearful goodbye's to our dear friends. I can't really explain the connection to these people other than the Spirit of God in us. I love them all so much and it was really hard to say goodbye. I loved showing off Kodah, since most of them hadn't seen him.

this is a dear loved friend - Olivia Holm

this is Vernon Banks, a kind, compassionate, and giving man of God!

this is Katie Braudrick, one of Ian's many babysitters at church, but one of the few he REALLY likes. I can't tell how much Ian loves Katie! He is a sweetheart to her!

Sarena & Katie - Sarena & I were in Bible study together.
Julie - we taught Awana's TNT together
Karen - we went to Bible study together

Wonderful ladies! Judy, Olivia, Helen, Me, Delora, & Betty

After church we went back to Judy & David's and ate outside by the pool and after eating, we swam. My good friend Sheryl and her kids came to join in the swimming and we had the best time visiting. Sabrina (newlywed to Judy & David's oldest son, Brad) is a good friend of mine too and really loved holding Kodah, well only when he was not crying. She just got married and her husband kept telling her not to hold on to the baby for long because it was going to give her ideas. So funny!

let me explain - we forgot to bring swimming suits so Judy let us borrow hers. If you don't know this, Judy is very small and Nia almost fit into her suits. This suit had a padded bra in it and Nia was embarrassed and happy she had bobbies at the same time.

Sheryl & Me - she made Oklahoma all worth it!Good friends: Wyatt & Grace Ann - Sheryl's kids & me and mine

this is just the way Romeo likes to go down!
He did it this way at Great Wolf Lodge and got in trouble!
Sabrina, Me and Kodah

And then we went to El Reno to Nia's school and she saw her teachers and friends and said her goodbye's. This is Mrs. Nusz from 1st grade.

You guys are dearly Loved by the Tagle's! Thanks for making Oklahoma so wonderful!!! Love you guys!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Visiting Grandma

Being home allows us to visit my Grandma who is in the nursing home. We went today and got to take some beautiful pictures. My Grandma is such a funny person. She really wanted to hold the baby and loved it. I asked her if she knew who we were and she laughed like I was crazy to ask such a question. Of course she remembered me and the kids. She is so cute. We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to many more.