Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craving - What?

The Dr.'s office gave me a book yesterday and I looked over it and found this absolutely disgusting. Does this really happen?

"Pica is a strong urge some women feel to eat non-food items such as laundry starch, clay, or chalk. If you feel these urges, don't indulge in them." Your Pregnancy & Birth: 4th addition

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Events of the Day

It started at 5:40 am up with a sore throat. I had decided that I would go ahead and get ready for the day until I realized that the water pipes were frozen, again! I got Romeo and he got it all taken care of but it took until after 9:00 am for the water to start running again. This has happened about 5 times this winter.

Then off to my first Dr. appointment for my pregnancy. Everything looked great there and we learned that I was 14 weeks along and my due date is July 23rd. Very exciting until they MADE me go get blood drawn. I did ask if I could refuse it and of course I could but I was just being a little stubborn. So I went! I talked to the phlebotomist about my fear and she laughed at me and then told me that she was drawing 5 veils of blood!!! WHAT??? She got it on the first try and did a great job! I sang "Hallelujah" after it was over and then gave her a hug.

The roads here are still real icy and I learned that 2 people from our church were in a tragic car accident, killing one and leaving the other in the hospital. Please be in prayer for the family of Hank Stokes and Becky Carnell. (more about this below)

Supper time and Ian was helping me cook and ran his finger across a hot pan and sired his pinky finger. He said that it looked like a potato and he was scared we were going to eat it.

What an eventful day. I don't mean to just throw that tragic accident into just another day. DeLana Stokes (Hank's wife) is a very special lady. She and I did a Bible study together just recently and my heart just breaks for her. Nia was very loving towards Hank, hugging him every time she saw him. He will be truly missed. Becky Carnell I know because we were in the same Sunday school class for some time. She is okay but in the hospital with something broken and pain in her chest (not sure with all the detail so don't want to start any rumors with my info.). How does that happen, two people, in different vehicles, from the same church, get involved in the same accident? Please lift these families up in prayer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nia's Dream

I post things for different reasons. Some for family far away to keep up with what we are doing, some for entertainment, and some for me. I view this blog as an online scrapbook. Somethings just need to be written down so I won't forget them in time. That is the reason for this particular post.

After nap time on a Sunday afternoon, Ian told me that he had a dream about Jesus. Then Nia said she had this dream. "John the Baptist was baptizing me. Then Jesus came and told me to 'leave everything and follow me.'"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bubble Wrap

Romeo gets lots of packages at the house which means bubble wrap for us. We love to pop them but on this day Nia wrapped it around her body and wanted to fight. Ian doesn't ever turn down a fight so they went at it. They sure did have fun!


I am a big fan of Goodwill stores. I buy a lot of mine and the kids clothes there. We have looked for Romeo but have rarely been successful. Yesterday I cleaned out the kids drawers, removing the clothes that they had outgrown. Nia, the poor child, is in desperate need of clothes. The problem is she does not fit a normal pant. What fits at the waist does not fit in length. And with the style of pants being "below the waist" it's tough to find a pair that stays at her waist - like they are supposed too. Okay, I got off track a little.

Back to Goodwill : )

There are cons to going to Goodwill for clothes. You need to have time and patience. Looking through every single article of clothing looking for the appropriate size is time consuming. Most times I spend at least an hour and that's only if I am looking for 1 person. And, since the clothes have been wore before, they have been washed & dried many times and some have shrunk so you really can't count on the size to fit like you would a new item. It does get a little frustrating. But, I will go through all of that for the great prices. You can really find treasures in there.

We went today, after a day with friends at the park, intending to find some much needed clothes for Nia. We found a couple clothes and then the kids saw 2 scooters hiding under a table. When they play outside with the neighbor kids, my kids are always on their scooters, and the other kids are climbing our trees. Nia has been asking for one for some time now. Sooo... I gave in to the $5/each price tag.

To see videos of the kids riding their scooters go here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love My Kids

Nia: Can we go on a walk today?
Ian: I want to watch a movie.
Nia: No!! That's lazy!
Ian: I want to be lazy.

Nia and I were discussing what she wanted for Christmas several weeks ago. She wanted lots of little things but one big thing, a Nintendo DS. Well, as you know, lots of money for that particular toy so I told her that if we got that that it would be her only toy and she & Ian would share it, each getting their own game. She really wanted the DS but wanted other things as well. As the tears roll down her cheek (because these sort of things are big deals in the life of a 6 year old), she says, if my house were on fire I would run back inside to get my DS.

You remember that question being asked to you, right? And for Nia at 6 years old it was a DS. Well, after she got over that very dramatic episode, she decided that it wasn't the best decision to make so she ended up getting other stuff.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas. Here are just a few highlights:

The kids got to open one present on Christmas Eve right before we left for Texas.

Ian's styrofoam airplane broke the same day he opened it.

Then to Texas for lots of fun.

Dad didn't feel good so he napped while the rest of the adults played games
& the kids played outside.

Granny's is always sooooo exciting....

Lots more happened just not on my camera.
You can go to Romeo's website to see more pictures.